Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons come in packages of three sessions, each lesson is 30-minute long. We offer lessons for one, two or three people with one instructor and are available for all ages – 1 year and older. Call the Aquatic Center for dates and times. Once scheduled, a 24-hour cancellation notice is required, or full fee for lesson will be charged.

One Person

Three private lessons for one person

Cost per person, plus tax
Member: $60  Non Member: $75

Two People

Three private lessons for two people

Cost per person, plus tax
Member: $45  Non Member: $54

Three People

Three private lessons for three people

Cost per person, plus tax
Member: $36  Non Member: $45

please print and fill out Private Lesson Signup Sheet below

Junior Pool Lessons

Take a look at the lesson levels and when scheduling your swim lessons, let us know what stage your swimmer is in.

Aqua Play 6 Months – 3 Years

Aqua Play emphasizes on water familiarity and comfort. It is an introduction to the water. Skills are incorporated on student and parent abilities. Skills attempted (ALL ASSISTED BY PARENT): Jumping in the pool. Hold breath for 3 seconds. Blow bubbles. Three bobs. Face float. Back float. Superman glide. Pancake turn. Crawl stroke arms. Flutter kick. In-water parent participation is required. This class teaches the parent how to correctly instruct their child to acquire the base level skills to swim. 

Kinder Ages 4 – 6 years

This class teaches floating on both back and front, with both face in the water and out. Our goal is to increase the level of comfort in the water through exercises geared toward safe play, safe games, & instilling respect for others in the pool. An introduction to skills as well as to the water without a parent: Jump into the pool. Hold breath underwater for 3 seconds. Blow bubbles. Three to five bobs unassisted with blowing bubbles. Face float. Back float. Crawlstroke arms. Flutter kick. Superman glide with and without kick. (most skills start assisted and end un-assisted to pass) 

Kinder Advanced

This class is for children who can put their face in the water but have not mastered the skills of floating. The child must be able to do an assisted front and back float in the water in order to participate. (most skills need to be unassisted to pass) Jump into pool. Hold breath for 5 seconds. Ten bobs without stopping while blowing bubbles. Face float and stand. Back float and stand. Back glide with kick. Crawl stroke arms 6-10 times. Superman glide with kick. Flutter kick on noodle. Side breathing. Jelly fish float.

Swimming Stage Descriptions

Take a look at the lesson levels and when scheduling your swim lessons, let us know what stage your swimmer is in.

Level 1

Beginner level class for kids 6 and up.
This class introduces skills to help students become comfortable in the water such as forward face float, back float, and basic rhythmic breathing.

Jump into the shallow end and deep end. Comfortable doing bobs while blowing bubbles out your nose. Face float and back float unassisted. Superman and back glide unassisted 6 meters. Crawl stroke 6 meters in length to pass. Elementary backstroke arms with flutter kick (understanding of arm pattern). Rhythmic breathing 3-5 strokes off the wall 5-7 on the wall. Jelly fish float 5 seconds. 

Level 1 Advanced

Students must be able to do an unassisted front and back float. and be comfortable on with front face in water. Skills offered in Level 1 are further developed so that students can move comfortably into Level 2 lessons.

Includes all the same skills as Level 1, swimmer must be able to swim 5-7 strokes of crawlstroke on their own, float on their face and back, and jump into the deep end to an instructor to register for this class. 

Level 2

Students have mastered front face float and back float, and basic rhythmic breathing. Additional refinement of these skills is taught. Crawlstroke with rhythmic breathing is the focus of instruction.

Superman glide 6 meters at least. Back glide 12 meters. Roll over float, fact to back. Pencil dive in the deep end. Elementary backstroke arms 12 meters. Elementary backstroke kick, out of water understand-ing in water 6 meters. Backstroke 6 meters. Intro to treading water 15 seconds. Jump into deep end unassisted. Crawlstroke with rhythmic breathing 12 meters. 

Level 2 Advanced

Unable to pass rhythmic breathing and head position components of the crawlstroke. Continued refinement of these skills is taught.

Swimmer must be able to swim crawlstroke 7 meters, Superman glide 5 meters, back glide 6+ meters, jump into the deep end unassisted, elementary backstroke kick 8 meters, elementary back stroke arms 8 meters to register for this class. The requirements to pass level 2 advanced is the same as level 2. 

Level 3

Introduction to deep water, development of endurance to swim a full lap in the pool, and refinement of crawl stroke is the focus of this class. Introduction to the backstroke and breaststroke.

10 deep water bobs. Back glide with kick 25 meters. Back stroke 12 meters with open turn. Crawlstroke 25 meters. Elementary backstroke 12 meters with whip kick. Crawlstroke 25 meters with open turn. Intro do diving from kneeling position. Tread water 1-2 minutes. Intro to breast stroke kick 6 meters. Bilateral breathing. 

Level 4

Focuses on breaststroke and introduces diving and butterfly basics.

20 deep water bobs. Tread water for 3 minutes. Survival float for 1 minute. Crawl stroke 50 meters with open turn and streamline off the wall. Elementary breast stroke 25 meters with whip kick. Scull head first 6 meters. Backstroke 50 meters with open turn. Breaststroke kick 25 meters. Intro to breaststroke arms. In-tro to breaststroke timing. Open turn with stream line. Dive in stride position (standing). Intro to flip turns. 

Level 5

Focuses on butterfly, works on endurance, and developing all the strokes.

Levels 6 & 7

Focus on endurance and working to maintain correct form. We practice skills along with longer distances of swimming.