About Us

Our Mission

To offer our members an environment that supports continued health, emotional well-being, and improved quality of life.

Thorbeckes proudly welcomes EVERY. BODY.

Exercise is good for EVERY. BODY. All sizes, shapes and types at every age.

EVERY. BODY. of every race, culture, language, spirituality, gender, identity, ability and orientation can benefit from physical activity.

We seek to provide a safe and inclusive space for EVERY. BODY.

We reject any form of exclusion, degradation, hurt, or abuse.

We are committed to upholding the rights of EVERY. BODY. to feel welcome, safe, valued, respected and supported within our spaces.

At Thorbeckes, health and wellness unify us.

Thorbeckes History

We are excited to celebrate over 30 amazing years with our members & guests. If it weren’t for you, we would not be here today.

Here is a brief synopsis of a company focused on improving the health and wellness for all ages, all abilities, & all interests through healthy exercise and fitness:

April 1982 – Local Centralian, Dale Pullin opened Thorbeckes Fitness Center, an 800 sf. weight lifting facility in downtown Centralia. In the first month alone, 125 memberships were sold to those seeking to train in advanced strength & weight training.

1984 – Thorbeckes Fitness relocated for the next 10 years to a larger downtown building where fitness classes and additional equipment could be added. This was a time when aerobics classes and cardio equipment began a whole new revolution in fitness clubs.

1993 – As membership continued to grow, more space was needed to meet the demand. The opportunity to add another club in Chehalis became available when Fitness Plus was up for sale. This downtown Chehalis location became Thorbeckes Fitness/Chehalis, creating additional choices for physical fitness and health-related activities for the more.

1994 – Thorbeckes Parkside Fitness, a brand new two-story fitness club opened in its current location in Borst Park. Through a public/private partnership with the City of Centralia, Thorbeckes was able to add racquetball facilities, large locker rooms, and separate free weight, cardio, group fitness, & tanning facilities in a beautiful park setting.

2001 – Thorbeckes partnered with the City of Centralia and the Centralia School District to operate the community pool. Since that time, thousands of people have enjoyed water exercise, swim lessons, swim parties, community swim team competitions, and much more.

2003 – Thorbeckes FitLife Center/Chehalis, a 56,000 sf. facility was built at its current location in Chehalis. This facility is home to our indoor tennis center, gymnastics center, 30 – foot climbing wall, Thorbeckes ADAPT Performance facility, and many other amenities.

2004 – Thorbeckes Express Center in Rochester opened. This 24 hour, key card access facility has free weights, circuit training, and cardio equipment to provide southern Thurston County a wonderful place to work out.

2006 – As part of the 25th anniversary, and to continue our mission, Thorbeckes Healthy Beginnings, non-profit was established. Our kid-friendly mascot, Captain Thorbeckes – The Super Hero of Health was created to help promote fitness & more active living to kids. Through this endeavor, we continue to provide educational books, t-shirts, and school assemblies to children throughout Lewis County.

2009 – Thorbeckes expanded its Centralia facility by adding Thorbeckes CrossFit. Our Crossfit box is designed to give students a fast paced, mixed martial arts emphasized workout.

2013 – Essential Yoga Studio & Hot Yoga facility added to Thorbeckes FitlLife Center in Chehalis.

November 2017 — Matt and Andrea Noren, of Chehalis, become owners of Thorbeckes FitLife Centers (all three locations).

January 2018 — Thorbeckes FitLife Centers becomes Thorbeckes Athletic Club.

May 2018 — Les Mills comes to Thorbeckes!

August 2018 — South Bend Thorbeckes opens in Pacific County. Thorbeckes now has four locations, in three counties, serving all of rural southwest Washington.

May 2020 — Thorbeckes adds 6,000 sq ft turfed facility inside of Chehalis gym. 

In the coming years, we look forward in continuing to be a contributor to the health and wellness of people of all ages in our region. Thank you for being a part of our team – Team Thorbeckes