We offer a wide variety of classes that are fun, educational, and maintain a focus on proper technique, flexibility, and skills.

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Cheer Tumbling (Age 12+)

Cheer tumbling focuses on teaching proper technique by utilizing drills that allow your tumbler to safely progress with their tumbling skills.  Tumblers will learn the basics such as proper form in cartwheels, round-offs, and kick overs.  After learning the basics, tumblers will focus on more advanced tumbling such as standing handsprings, back tucks, and running tumbling to include layouts and twisting.  With our 40 foot trampoline and harnesses, your child will feel safe as they learn to flip their way to successful tumbling!

Parent & Tot (Ages Walking to 5)

Parent and Tot class is a great way to introduce your Tot to the Gymnastics Center.  As an adult accompanies their Tot through the preschool equipment, they develop their fine and gross motor skills through play.  Tots are welcome to bounce on our 40 foot trampoline, utilize our Tot sized balance beams and bar, slide into our soft solid foam pit, and get their energy out climbing on our mats.  Our indoor playground is the perfect place to play!  Every Wednesday from 10:00-10:45.

Preschool (Age 3-5)

Preschool classes are available for kids who are ready for a structured class.  Preschoolers will work on walking unassisted on low beams and spotted forward rolls on higher beams.  They will learn forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands as well as jumps on our 40 foot trampoline.  The focus of the class is to work on listening and communication skills, as well as fine and gross motor development.  Students must be 100% potty trained and be able to participate without their guardian.

Do you have a group of homeschool students that want a P.E. class?  We are willing to work with your homeschool group to find a time and a program that suits your needs.  Send in an inquiry to get started.

Girls Recreational (Kindergarden +)

Level 1

Students will be placed according to their age and ability in our recreation program.  Our beginning Level 1 classes teach gymnasts the basic gymnastics shapes and skills such as handstands, cartwheels, rolls, and roundoffs.  They will get comfortable walking on the balance beams and start to work on proper techniques for handstands.  On the bars gymnasts will gain strength as they work on glide swings, pullovers, and back hip circles.  Gymnasts will also learn vaulting basics and jumps on our 40 foot trampoline.

Level 2/3  (Instructor permission required)

Our advanced gymnastics classes take what your child has learned in the Level 1 class, and apply it while they work on more advanced skills.  Gymnasts will focus on learning back walkovers, front walkovers, front and back handsprings, and round offs.  Students will start learning handstands, cartwheels, and jumps on the balance beams as well as working on running vaulting.  On bars gymnasts will continue to work on their strength while learning kips, front hip circles, and tap swings.

Team (Invitation Only)

Developmental Class (Ages 6+)

The Developmental Class meets twice a week for 90 minutes.  This class focuses on proper technique and learning skills through progression.  Gymnasts start gaining the strength and flexibility that prepare them for entering the competition program. 

Competition Team (Ages 6+)

At Thorbeckes Gymnastics we follow the USA Gymnastics program and compete locally and regionally.  Our gymnasts compete at approximately 5-7 meets a year and culminates with a State Championship.  Higher level gymnasts qualify to Regional Championships, Western Championships, and National Championships.  Depending on the level, gymnasts train from 4 to 16 hours a week.  Additional fees are required for team. 

Are you ready to sign up or have questions?  Please fill out the inquiry form completely and you will be added to our waitlist.  We are opening new classes soon, and will contact you as soon as soon as we have an opening for your child.

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