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Thorbeckes proudly features many senior fitness options, including senior group fitness classes and group aquatic fitness classes at the Centralia Community Pool.


Senior Fitness at Thorbeckes

Without physical activity, older people tend to grow weaker in four areas important for staying healthy and independent: strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. The NIH maintains that: Increasing strength and endurance makes it easier to climb stairs and carry groceries. Improving balance helps prevent falls. Weights, treadmills, pools and other amenities are included. We also offer fitness classes for all abilities led by our certified instructors at gyms and other locations. With your membership at Thorbeckes, you can enjoy a safe place to exercise indoors and make friendships that last a lifetime.


Fitness For Your Wallet

Ask your health insurance provider to check your eligibility! Call the number on the back of your insurance card to see if your plan provides gym membership or fitness benefits to get a FREE or reduced cost membership.

Insurance Paid Programs:
— Silver & Fit
— SilverSneakers
— One Pass/Renew Active
— Active & Fit Enterprise
— Fit On Health

Ask your current healthcare insurance provider if you have gym or fitness benefits on your current plan! You can also click the link below to see if you qualify.


Held in Thorbeckes Aquatic Center, these pool-based classes are 12 times more resistant than land-based exercise classes using the same intensity. Regular participants experience smaller waist lines, increased muscle strength and flexibility, and reduced lower back pain. Low-to-no impact with high fitness returns. All levels and abilities are welcome. For questions about aquatic fitness classes, contact the Aquatic Center: [email protected]

Eligible members get access to on-demand videos, thousands of fitness locations, classes, & amenities.
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