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Tennis Instructor TJ Underwood

T.J. began his tennis career as an Assistant Coach/Instructor at Thorbeckes in 2005.  After 3 years, he became the Director of the Thorbeckes Tennis Program as well as a Certified Teaching Professional of the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). He loves the challenge of connecting with every single student he works with to find unique/specific ways to get the absolute best out of them. “There’s no better feeling than seeing someone you’ve coached have their hard work pay off,” T.J. said.

He also loves to see the players use tennis to gain confidence and become more outgoing off the court as their tennis skills improve – something that T.J. experienced himself. Ask any of his students (which range from 7 to over 70 years) and they will tell you he has an unparalleled commitment to help them succeed and have made a huge impact on their lives. This is why T.J. finds that all of the friendships he has built with the students over the years is his most meaningful accomplishment of his career.

Explore Our Tennis Program

Junior Tennis Lessons

If you have any questions about youth programming, please ask Tennis Director T.J. Underwood at [email protected]

Level 1: Movement & Stroke Fundamentals
Ages 7 – 9: This class is for young students who are new to the game. Students will be introduced to the terminology and rules of the sport, as well as the most basic stroke techniques.

Level 2: Advanced Beginner
Ages 9 – 12:
This class is for students who have taken a few lessons and have an understanding of the rules and basic shots of tennis. Students will learn how to initiate and sustain rallies while developing consistency and improving placement.

Level 3: Intermediate Players
Ages 10 – 14:
This class is an expansion upon Level 2, where technique and control are developed through an increased focus on playing situations.

Level 4: Junior Varsity Player
Ages 13-16:
This class is for middle school/early high school players who are beginning to develop their skills and have the ultimate goal of playing at the varsity level in high school. The class emphasizes the development of technique, control, and movement.

Level 5: High School
Ages 14-18:
This class is for experienced, high school varsity level players who are intent on refining their techniques and developing more aggressive tactics.

Adult Lessons & Open Play

If you have any questions about programming, please ask Tennis Director T.J. Underwood at [email protected]

Women’s Night and Men’s Night Open Play
Drop-in on certain nights during the week for round-robin style doubles mixers. Recreational players are welcome!


Skills and Drills
This class focuses on ways in which to develop and refine specific shot mechanics (“Skills”), and then puts these newly developed techniques into practice via simulated game situations (“Drills”). Recommended that you’ve had either high school or USTA match experience

Video Analysis
We’ll set up a video camera to tape you performing the specific shots you’d like to work on, and then we’ll put the video up on a TV screen so we can help you identify what you need to fix right there on the spot!

*FEES INCLUDE TAX.  Costs per person.  All lessons must be paid in-full at the time of attendance.  Students must give 24-hour advance notice to cancel or full charges will apply.

Youth includes those 17 and younger. Those 18 and older are included in adult fees.


Contact Tennis Director T.J. Underwood at [email protected] and he will help you find the right class to meet both your skill level and your schedule.

  • All Non-Thorbeckes members will have to purchase a Tennis Day Pass in order to enter the facility, use the tennis courts, and/or take tennis lessons, After purchasing a Tennis Day Pass, non Thorbeckes members will be considered club members for the day and will receive CLUB MEMBER pricing to purchase lessons.
Tennis Day Pass (Youth)

(17 yrs and under) – $5.00

Tennis Day Pass  (Adult)

(18 yrs and older) – $10.00

Tennis Membership: $20 / month

(Must be a Thorbeceks Member)

Membership Benefits include:

No charge for court reservations

Reduced fees for lessons

Free access to the ball machine



Private Lessons:

  • Tennis member or Youth – $49.00
  • Thorbeckes member – $55.00


Semi-Private Lessons:

  • Tennis member or Youth – $25.00
  • Thorbeckes member – $28.00


Group Lessons:

  • Tennis member or Youth – $17.00
  • Thorbeckes member – $22.00

Court Usage:

Tennis Member – FREE

Thorbeckes Member – $5.00

Non Thorbeckes Member- 5.00 fee + $10 Tennis Day Pass

Tennis member pricing is for Thorbeckes Club members who have the Tennis Membership add on

 Benefits of Thorbeckes Membership


  • No charge for court reservations.
  • Reduced fees for lessons.
  • Free access to the ball machine.

Tennis Members ONLY. Ball Machine Rental

Contact Tennis Director T.J. Underwood at [email protected] for ball machine availability.
Tennis Tower Ball Machine
• Ball Speed – Up to 85 MPH
• Ball Feed – Adjustable from one ball every 1.5 seconds to every 10 seconds
• Elevation Control – Ball trajectory is electronically adjustable from groundstroke to lob
• Spin Control
• 200 ball capacity
• Delivers shots randomly across the court for hitting on the run

Court Schedule

Contact Tennis Director T.J. Underwood at [email protected] for court availability