Thorbeckes Sports Complex

Our exclusive facility is the place to go for improving your batting, pitching and fielding skills. 

$30.00 Add on to Thorbeckes membership for unlimited use of batting cages and pitching machines when available.



    • Thorbeckes Sports Complex will be open during our regular hours. 
    • MAC Baseball will be in the facility for set hours Monday-Friday and on the weekends. As of July 1st all of MAC Baseball Team members will need to have a Thorbeckes membership. (excluding 1 on 1 training with MAC baseball) 
    • Thorbeckes has baseballs and softballs, hitting tees, L-Screens, and pitching machines 
    • Members must bring their own helmets and bats. (batters must wear a helmet when in the cage) 
    • No more then 4 people per cage. 
    • Open turf area available for grounders, drills and so much more. 
    • The front desk will be assuring all guidelines, number of people in the cage, and safety protocols are followed. 
    • You must pay for the cage rental in full at the time of reservation. No refunds.


All sports complex rentals and cage rentals will be booked by following the link: 


  • You can rent per cage or whole facility. You also have the option to use a pitching machine. We have 1 baseball and 1 softball machine. First come first serve. 
  • Members can rent 60 minute sessions, or you can purchase a 10 pack of sessions.
  • Members will check in for their session at the front desk, and will enter the facility through the exterior door
  • The prices is per cage, not per person.
  • Sessions can only be booked and purchased online through the link:  

For additional information or pricing for individual cage rentals or whole facility rental please contact Lauren Fisher at:

Sports Complex: 14 and under adult supervision required

Pitching Machine: 6-14 years adult supervision required.



$15 $100


$40 Available upon Request
Pitching Machines, Baseballs, Softballs, L-Screens and Tees Included
Non-Member Must Purchase Day Pass In Addition to Rental Fee

How to use the pitching machine