Thorbeckes Sports Complex

Our exclusive facility is the place to go for improving your batting, pitching and fielding skills. 

$30.00 Add on to Thorbeckes membership for unlimited use of batting cages and pitching machines when available.



    • Thorbeckes Sports Complex will be open during our regular hours.
    • Thorbeckes has baseballs and softballs, hitting tees, L-Screens, and pitching machines
    • Members must bring their own helmets and bats. (batters must wear a helmet when in the cage)
    • No more then 4 people per cage.
    • Open turf area available for grounders, drills and so much more.
    • The front desk will be assuring all guidelines, number of people in the cage, and safety protocols are followed.
    • You must pay for the cage rental in full at the time of reservation. No refunds.


All sports complex rentals and cage rentals will be booked by following the booking link. 


If you would like to book between 4 and 7 PM Monday through Friday call the Pacific Sports Spa

  • You can rent per cage or whole facility. You also have the option to use a pitching machine. We have 1 baseball and 1 softball machine. First come first serve. 
  • Members can rent 60 minute sessions, or you can purchase a 10 pack of sessions.
  • Members will check in for their session at the front desk, and will enter the facility through the exterior door
  • The prices is per cage, not per person.
  • Sessions can only be booked and purchased online through the link:  

For additional information or pricing for individual cage rentals or whole facility rental please contact Tehani Henry at: [email protected]

Sports Complex: 14 and under adult supervision required

Pitching Machine: 6-14 years adult supervision required.



$15 $100


$40 Available upon Request
Pitching Machines, Baseballs, Softballs, L-Screens and Tees Included

How to use the pitching machine