Membership Announcement

Due to the mandatory closure of fitness centers in Washington State due to COVID-19 closure, all Thorbeckes facilties are closed until the order is lifted by the Governor.  Please know in the meantime that we are posting daily group fitness classes on Facebook and our YouTube Channel, we have made 100+ Les Mills virtual classes available online, and have launched a Thorbeckes At-Home PE program via Facebook that is open to everyone in our communities.

We understand that times are tough right now for everyone, and we are all taking this day by day.  If you have questions regarding your membership, we have a limited staff working off-site and we are processing requests for freezes or cancellations as fast as we are able.  We work with a third-party billing company to process our memberships and they as well are inundated with requests from other gyms around the country.  As of right, we can promise you that if you would like to freeze your account, it will be processed within seven days.  If you would like to cancel your memberships, cancellations are still processed in our normal 15 days window. If you are a corporate member, contact your HR manager at your place of employment and fill out a membership request below if you would like to cancel. For any questions regarding your membership or requests to freeze or cancel please complete the form below and your response will be emailed directly to us and will be handled.

As a small business, we need your support.  The closure of our clubs has been something that we never imagined and we are handing everything to the best of our ability.  We are attempting to keep as many employees as possible employed during this time.  For additional information regarding the closure please go to the “Message from the Owner” page.  Please stay strong, and we can’t wait to see you in the gym again soon.