Announcment to our Members

Thorbeckes Wellness Center

We are excited to announce our transition to Thorbeckes Wellness Center, operating in Chehalis, Centralia and South Bend effective Monday, November 30th. As an essential business as described in Governor Inslee’s Proclamation on March 23, 2020, Thorbeckes Wellness Center “provides support to vulnerable populations to ensure their health and well-being”. Our Wellness Centers will provide numerous wellness and exercise amenities in addition to massage, nutrition, saunas, pools, meditation, our newly refurbished therapeutic spa and also our quarterly nutrition, cooking and wellness conferences.

We want to be clear that this is not about defying Governor Inslee’s mandates. We are adjusting our business mission, and vision for our communities’ health to provide much needed services regularly found in Wellness Centers around the country. This is about saving lives and ensuring the physical and mental health of our communities. Now more than ever, every one of us is vulnerable and providing affordable access to health and wellness services to our members is essential.

After days of soul searching, talking to members, talking to local and state leaders, the restrictions put on gyms are inflicting an immediate and long-term negative effect on our communities. With gyms being closed, and the fact that we currently have a membership base in Lewis County alone of ten percent of the entire county’s population, we had no option other than to adjust our business operations, mission and vision. As evidenced by numerous studies, physical exercise has positive physical and mental effects that cannot be disputed and we are thrilled to be able to provide this essential service to our communities. Every person who steps foot in our doors has the same goal in mind: HEALTH and WELLNESS.

Our Wellness Center will allow for 25% capacity, extensive cleaning, social distancing, required mask usage and our check-in software provides extremely detailed occupancy, tracking and contract tracing data if needed.

All members are encouraged to make an appointment, however if you arrive without an appointment and there is adequate space you will be allowed entry.

Thanks again for allowing us to be part of your health and wellness lifestyle and we look forward to serving you.

Centralia and Chehalis Hours: 5am – 9pm, 7 days a week
South Bend Hours: Mon – Fri: 5am – 8pm  | Sat-Sun: 9am – 2pm


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