Nutrition Membership

With Katia

Membership Includes:

• Monthly follow-ups: Nutrition Assessments, goal settings, evaluations and nutritional counseling to meet your needs.

• Grocery Tour: Food label reading, combination of foods, and grocery psychology.

• Body Composition Testing: Using BOD POD method: measures resting metabolic rate, % body fat and body mass.

• Nutrition Software: HIPAA compliance, smart phone application competitive w/ fit bit and my fitness pal.

• Access to our nutrition software and app 24/7

$75 per month

(The package is a $300 value)

Non-Members: $100

About Nutrition director Katia

Katia comes to us from Seattle, WA. Her expertise includes pediatric nutrition, adult nutrition for chronic disease, and sports and excersie nutrition.

Contact Katia

[email protected]

360-748-3744 ext. 104