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Thorbeckes Poseidon Aquatic Club

A USA Swimming Program that participates in Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS), the local USA Swimming organization representing nearly 5,000 athletes in Western Washington.

PNS offers competition for all ability levels, age 5 and older.

POSEIDON uses a disciplined and technical approach to help swimmers make choices that lead to success in competitive environment. Nutrition, core strength, flexibility and an integrated swimming program are offered. Much more than a lesson, our team offers your child a well-rounded conditioning program. Coaches are trained in the conduct of youth sports and the technical aspects of competitive swimming, offering a balance of fun and skill development.

Tryout times for the team Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. Contact us by email at [email protected].

Youth Pool

Swim Lessons

Sessions are subject to change to reflect current demand. A class requires a minimum of three students to proceed. When a minimum number is not met, classes may be combined in an effort to make as many classes available as possible.

If we are unable to move swimmers to fill a class, then sessions that do not meet the minimum participants will be shortened.

Please assume the lesson you registered for will proceed. You will be contacted ONLY if the class does not fill or is being combined with another class.

General registration is open until the Thursday prior to the start of the class. All swim lessons must be paid for upon registration. Phone registrations are only accepted with a debit/credit card payment. A waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian before the student is allowed to participate in the lesson.

Refunds are not given for personal reasons, i.e. changed mind, scared child, vacation, illness, etc. Refunds are ONLY given for cancellations made by Thorbeckes. By registering for lessons, you commit to the entire session. Classes cannot be “made up” if missed. If students miss a class, they will not be dropped from the session, they will just not be able to make it up.

Pool Rules

Youth Policy

CHILDREN UNDER 4 YEARS must be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian. Children 4 years and younger are free with a paid adult.

CHILDREN BETWEEN 5 & 7 YEARS who are able to walk the width of the junior pool unassisted, may use the junior pool supervised by a parent or guardian PRESENT on the deck.

CHILDREN BETWEEN 8 & 11 YEARS may be dropped off at the pool AFTER a “MINOR DAY-USE WAIVER” form has been filled out. Children under age 11 should not be dropped off unattended at any time other than “Open Swim.”

Jacuzzi & Sauna

Use is limited to those 16 year and older unless under the care/supervision of a trainer or coach. Exercise in the sauna is not permitted; towel is required. Jacuzzi is kept at 101 to 103 degrees. All persons must shower before using the sauna or Jacuzzi. You must consult a physician prior to using our sauna and Jacuzzi units if you have a history of high blood pressure, heart trouble or for any other health reason.

Locker Room

Policy: Children age 4 and under may accompany a parent in a locker room where the parent and child’s gender do not match. Children age 5 and older MUST use gender appropriate locker rooms to change. Family changing areas are available.


All infants and toddlers who are not toilet trained MUST use a swim diaper while in the pool. Swim diapers are available at the Aquatic Reception Desk for $2.