Thorbeckes Aquatic Center

Swimming Lessons

Swimmers of all ages and abilities are in good hands. Lessons are fun and interactive with hands-on training. More advanced-level students refine their skills and discover how to incorporate swimming into a life fitness plan.





*revised 12/5/2013 This new schedule has changes in the time. Please take a look.



PoolGuidelines & Policies

Main Pool

25 meter, 6 lane pool ranging in depth from 3. to 12.5 feet. Temperature is maintained at 81.5 degrees but can fluctuate do to changes in air humidity. Includes a slide and 1-meter diving board, both are available for use during OPEN SWIM.


Junior Pool

Our Junior Pool ranges in depth from 6 inches to 2.5 feet. Wide steps the length of the pool are great for introducing little ones to the aquatic environment. Every effort is made to maintain the Junior pool at 86 degrees.


Jacuzzi & Sauna

Use is limited to those 16 year and older unless under the care/supervision of a trainer or coach. Exercise in the Sauna is not permitted; towel is required. Jacuzzi is kept at 101 to 103 degrees. All persons must shower before using the sauna or Jacuzzi. You must consult a physician prior to using our sauna and Jacuzzi units if you have a history of high blood pressure, heart trouble or for any other health reason.


Locker Room

Policy Children age 4 and under may accompany a parent in a locker room where the parent and child’s gender do not match. Children age 5 and older MUST use gender appropriate locker rooms to change. Family changing areas are available. Infant/Toddlers All infants and toddlers who are not toilet trained MUST use a swim diaper while in the pool. Swim diapers are available at the Aquatic Reception Desk for $2.


Flotation Devices

All flotation devices must be Coast Guard approved. Please ask the lifeguard if you are unsure if your device meets the requirements. Non approved PFD’s are not permitted in the pool. No water wings are permitted in the pool at any time.Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) may be used under the following conditions:


1. PFDs are not permitted in the deep end of the main pool


2. Any swimmer in a PFD must be accompanied by an adult or qualified swimmer in the shallow end of the main pool only. Lifeguards reserve the right to determine if a swimmer is qualified to supervise a swimmer in a PFD.


3. Jumping in the pool with PFDs is permitted only in the shallow end, and only if the child is being caught by a parent or qualified swimmer. Lifeguards reserve the right to ask the swimmer and guardian to stop the activity at any time.


4. Swim suits with flotation devices built into the garment are permitted in the Junior Pool and the Shallow End of the big pool with a parent at an arms length away at all times.

5. Flotation rings outfitted for infant use (age 6 - 18 month’s) are permitted in the Junior Pool only with parent supervision.


6. For the DIVE-IN THEATER, fun noodles, inner tubes, water beds, etc., are allowed. Non swimmers must stay in the shallow end of the pool with all flotation devices. Lifeguards have the right to remove any flotation device that becomes destructive to other people and/or the viewing of the movie. Please ask a lifeguard if you have questions about a particular flotation device. All other flotation devices guidelines apply.

Area of Interests

Pool Party

Parties are scheduled during our open swim times:


Saturdays & Sundays

1pm to 4pm.


Weeknights 7pm to 8pm.


Fridays 7pm to 9pm

(Our Dive-In movie night)


Our Viewing Room

adjacent to the pool, is available to reserve & rent. The back portion of the room will be set up for you with tables and chairs.



$10/hour + Tax


Also, our Game Room is available for private room rental. Located next to the Aquatic Center Lobby, this larger room can be rented for $25/hour.


Children who are Thorbeckes members are not charged a fee to attend a party.


Non-Thorbeckes member fees apply to both adults and children.


See our Aquatic Reception Desk staff to schedule your party today!


Ask About After Hours Private Pool Rentals at our front desk!


Dive-In Theater

The Grinch

Friday, December 12th



Bring your inflatable cushion to the pool for a Friday night movie! Every Friday, begins at 7 pm. Free for members. Fun for the whole family! In the Aquatic Center of Centralia Thorbeckes.




Christmas with the Kranks

Friday, December 19th



Friday, December 26th



Friday, January 2nd


Million Dollar Arm

Friday, January 19th


How to train your Drangon 2

Friday, January 16th


Youth Policy for Pool

Parents or Guardians must be in attendance at all times!


Children under 4 years

Must be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian.


Children between 4 & 7 years

who are able to walk the width of the junior pool unassisted, may use the junior pool supervised by a parent or guardian PRESENT on the deck.


Children between 8 & 11 years

may be dropped off at the pool AFTER a “MINOR DAY-USE WAIVER” form has been filled out. Children under age 11 should not be dropped off unattended at any time other than “Open Swim”

Poolside Putt-Putt Golf

GolfOpen Spring & Summer Months (Weather Permitting) Join us for a game of miniature golf. Take a look at our Aquatic Reception Hours for ime and avaliabilities.


Price: $2 for members


For non-members:

Day Use Fee plus $2

(includes use of Club & Pool)


$4.50 for Putt-Putt only.


Check out the shuffleboard outside the pool!


Use of area is free to members and is open during Aquatic Center reception hours. Equipment is rain-proof!


For More Info Call: 360-736-1683 or